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Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority

Maybe you see the contradiction that I see here? Maybe not. I will have to try again later.

Ok I kept going. I should probably add then that I do not advocate censorship and have no power to censor anything. Nor do I advocate the reification of personal freedom as primary over our responsibility to each other. In the US that is a very unpopular opinion I realize.

Ok. That’s all. For now. Here. I think.

adrianstephenson July 9, 2014 at 10:24 pm

The piece has interesting points. But I think it also scapegoats millennials, the crowd probably most into using trigger warnings and fighting these little battles over language. You’re looking at a bunch of 15-25 year olds saying, “why are you so occupied with insults when you could fight the neoliberal-capitalist-regime!” as if there aren’t 15-25 year olds doing that, and as if we all just came perfectly formed out of this vacuum to transform the world order and decided to complain about what someone said to us on the internet instead.

But what I would really like to say is: there is a valid place for trigger warnings and being concerned about language. And it does help make us sensitive to the racist, sexist, heteronormative systems of privilege and oppression you would like us to focus on. Taking time to develop humor and jokes that aren’t racially or sexually charged, and calling out the problems they cause, is a ground-up way of confronting large top-down systems. Using trigger warnings helps create safe space, and being sensitive to requests for them validates peoples identities in powerful ways – it says to rape survivors, abuse survivors, LGBT folks that have found themselves subject to slurs and harassment, people struggling with mental illness, whatever: you are a valid person and I recognize that you exist. Instead of saying what I want to say and ignoring your existence, I’m going to acknowledge it and create space where we can all talk together about it.

Do triggers sometimes get a little inane? Yes. Are millennials too busy looking at their cell phones and feeling bad about themselves? Some of us probably are! But that doesn’t mean what we *do* do doesn’t count as activism (the personal is political, after all), or that understanding and subverting the politics of language isn’t a way to fight oppression.

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July 10, 2014 at 2:08 am

Thank you Jack for taking the time to write this smart, funny and interesting article. I have been thinkin a lot about this stuff and I have felt censored by my fellow queers for not using the right words. Wasn’t/isn’t it post-structuralism’s fault really for making the use of the right language so important? And it is; keeping in mind of course we are not static, that language and meaning changes over time and in different ways in different communities, but that is another article – Where we run into so much difficulty and heartache is when we use smart ideas as the stick to beat each other with. There is a lot of privilege, bullying and judgment that gets thrown around in our queer communities, this is not news or new in marginalized communities; of course so much has been written on that- when we feel so little power-we cant get to the guy who is throwing the baby’s in the water, so we attack the ally right next to us because they ‘have’ so much more privilege than we do; as my late beloved wife said ‘don’t become a leader we eat our own’. A sad state of affairs indeed. but keep up the resistance, even if it feels like it changes nothing- because it keeps us human. Thank you for continuing to do the work you do. love, a Tranny fag butch dyke

To further illuminate whether the cooperation is mediated through physical interaction through chromosomal looping, 3C (chromosome confirmation capture) assay was performed followed by PCR to analyze the chromatin loop structure (Figure 5L ). Detectable looping frequency between H3 and H4 or the promoter but not with the negative control regions upstream of H1 or downstream of Myogenin gene was observed upon early differentiation at 24 h and persisted throughout the differentiation whereas the interaction between H3 and H1 or H2 occurred in a later stage (Figure 5L N and Supplementary Figure S6F ), confirming H3 is the earliest to be activated then probably helped the establishment of H4 and others through their interactions. Consistent with the notion, H3 deletion significantly diminished its interaction with H4 and also drastically reduced the interaction of the other three hotspots with the promoter (Figure 5M and N ), reinforcing its prominent status in orchestrating the assembly and function of the other three hotspots. H4 deletion, on the other hand, disrupted its interaction with H3; meanwhile, the interactions between the promoter and H2 or H3 was also reduced (Figure 5N and O ), suggesting H4 activation proceeds and may be necessary for H2 activation and subsequent interaction with the promoter. In agreement with the above findings, in H3 KO MTs H3K27ac signal was largely reduced not only on the H3 region but also on all the other three hotspots (Figure 5O and Supplementary Figure S6G ), reinforcing the initiating function of H3 for the entire SE. In H23 and H34 dKO cells, the H3K27ac signal on the other hand was almost ablated over the entire SE, suggesting the interaction of H3 with H2 and H4 is also needed for the full establishment of the SE activity. Consistent with its repressive role, in H1 KO cells the signal was evidently increased over the whole SE and promoter (Figure 5O and Supplementary Figure S6G ). Altogether the above findings from the genomic deletion clearly indicate functional diversity and hierarchy of the four hotspots and their cooperation in driving the Myogenin gene induction during the course of MB differentiation.

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